C.M. Hobbs Nurserymen

C.M. Hobbs Nurserymen—a name that stands for quality, excellence and tradition. For 200 years, C.M. Hobbs has provided the finest trees and plant material to customers throughout the Midwest. Today, C.M. Hobbs is a re-wholesale nursery, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of trees, shrubs, perennials and hard goods to a wide range of commercial customers, including landscapers, builders, universities, municipalities, garden centers and large institutions. We regret that C.M. Hobbs is no longer open to the general public. Please refer to the contact us page for phone/fax numbers. 

Combining Teamwork and Technology

How many companies can boast a 200-year legacy of service? Not many. And, while we continue to uphold those values that have always set us apart—“old-fashioned” values of integrity and honest business practices—we also embrace today’s new technology, making us more efficient than ever before. For two centuries, C.M. Hobbs has set the benchmark for quality products and personalized service. That’s a tradition we intend to continue.

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