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C.M. Hobbs is located on 15 acres at 1050E and 100S on the Westside of Indianapolis. The facility is state-of-the-art, with real-time inventory and ordering information transmitted wirelessly to and from motion tablets on the lot for fast and efficient ordering, fulfillment and billing. The lot also includes 19 poly buildings for planting, cultivation and winter storage.

As a wholesale nursery, C.M. Hobbs does not sell directly to the public; our customers include landscapers, builders, architects, golf courses, universities, parks, municipalities, garden centers, churches and other large institutions.

Our facility is set up to receive and ship full semi-trucks, up to 55 ft. in length. Portable docks make loading and unloading trucks easy and efficient. C.M. Hobbs combines teamwork and technology to provide the best in both quality materials and unsurpassed customer service.
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