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Following in his ancestors’ footsteps, Gordon has worked in the nursery all his life—since he was 14 years old.  Except for college and military service, Gordon’s business life has centered on maintaining the tradition of quality service for which C.M. Hobbs is so well known.

When the nursery became a re-wholesaler in 1999, Gordon designed a unique set-up that expedites service—from welcoming customers through the order staging and pick-up process.  Under Gordon’s leadership, C.M. Hobbs has combined modern technology with quality products and old-fashioned, personalized service.

Gordon has served as president of Indianapolis Landscape Association, Indiana Nursery & Landscape Association, Wholesale Nursery Growers of America, and the American Nursery & Landscape Association. He is a former ANLA governor for Indiana and has been a member of several ANLA committees, including serving as the chairman of the executive-secretary search committee. He was secretary-treasurer of the American Nurserymen's Credit Association for 17 years. Gordon was selected as Indiana Nurseryman of the Year in 1993, and given the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association Award of Merit in 2006. Gordon was also elected as an Honorary Member in the Indianapolis Landscape Association in 2002.

“Throughout my life, we’ve built on the C.M. Hobbs’ tradition.  Our dedication to our customers sets us apart because we’ve always been willing to go the extra mile for them and provide the kind of service they can’t get anywhere else.”


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