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Our Roots

It’s not often you come across a business that is nearly 200 years old — a company that has a legacy of respect and integrity and a tradition of fair and honest business practices.  That’s the heritage of C.M. Hobbs Nurserymen.  Our roots are important to us, because they not only show us where we’ve been, they provide the foundation for future growth.

The Beginning

In 1812, Indiana was still a territory.  Into this largely unsettled wilderness moved Dr. Benjamin Albertson, William Hobbs and a few other Quaker families from North Carolina.  Locating near Salem in Washington County, Dr. Albertson cultivated a small nursery.  His son Oliver inherited his father’s fondness for plants and trees and began growing trees for commercial purposes.  For many years, their nursery was the largest in the region.

Fast forward to 1875.  Oliver moved to Bridgeport, Indiana (just south of Indianapolis) and started a small nursery business there.  Cyrus May Hobbs (Mr. Albertson’s son-in-law) and Oliver’s son Emery took over the management of the nursery after Oliver’s death in 1879.  From this small beginning grew a large business, with sales reaching across the United States.


Emery Albertson later moved to Idaho and his family formed the Albertson’s food store chain.  C.M.’s sons Oliver, Harry and Fred were the third generation to run the company.  The fourth was Gordon, Tom and Bob Hobbs.

Through these many generations, C.M. Hobbs Nurserymen set the benchmark for quality, building a lasting reputation for honest, personalized service.

In 1999, in response to a changing marketplace, C.M. Hobbs converted from a growing to a re-wholesale operation.  Selling some of its property, the company retained its current location at 1050E and 100S on the Westside of Indianapolis.

Today, C.M. Hobbs Nurserymen stands at a crossroads.  We are uniquely positioned to build on our strong legacy as we expand our offerings, serving landscapers, universities, municipalities, garden centers and builders throughout the Midwest.  C.M. Hobbs is in a growth pattern once more.  For the next chapter of our history, stay tuned …
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